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Steel and Metal Cutting

Everett Industries manufactures saws that cut many material types. Our saws are used for metal cutting, steel cutting, stainless steel cutting, aluminum cutting, structural steel cutting, wire rope cutting, steel bar cutting, hydraulic hose cutting, exotic alloy cutting, non-ferrous cutting, metal pipe cutting, metallurgical cutting, tube cutting, copper cutting and brass cutting. Our saws are used in production maintenance, fabrication and many other applications. Brief descriptions of some of the material types they cut are listed below.

Stainless Steel Cutting

Cutting stainless steel requires a quality high-speed blade that is sharp at all times. Fiberglass Internally Reinforced (GTK-7FG) and Externally Reinforced (GTK-7FGE) Cutting Wheels are ideal for dry cuts on stainless tubing. Use on any of Everett's dry cutting saws. Stainless steel is used in the construction of door handles, food service equipment, bridges, decorative mesh, guardrail cables, intake & exhaust valves and high-pressure hydrogen tank components. Domestic appliances, surgical implants, steam turbine blades, pipe, gun barrels and more are produced using stainless steel.

An abrasive saw is the first choice for the stainless steel cutting of rod, bar, tube and other stock shapes. Cutoff saws are great because they’re fixed with a clamp to hold the item and a large motor and cut off wheel to cut through hard stainless steel.

Everett saws of all types and sizes cut stainless steel. For example, a wet abrasive saw is very useful for stainless steel cutting. Choose from 10" to 26" wheel diameters for all types of stainless steel cutting. Wet saws typically cut at speeds of 30 seconds per square inch of material, depending on the metal applications being cut. That's fast! In addition, a dry abrasive saw also cuts stainless steel extremely well. Our dry abrasive cutoff machines range from 8" to 26" wheel diameters, and all sizes provide accurate and efficient stainless steel cutting.

Aluminum Cutting

Aluminum is an often-used material due to its light weight and strength. The economical 12"-14" Multi-Angle Saw provides fast, precision cutting of aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. These cutting saws have preset stops at 45°, cutting heads that swivel in both directions and locks without special tools. Aluminum is used in the construction of doorframes, gutters, roofing, kitchen utensils & appliances, golf clubs, tennis rackets, indoor & outdoor furniture, power lines and airplanes.

Structural Steel Cutting

The size and shape of structural steel is regulated in most industrialized countries. Because of its high strength to weight ratio, structural steel is used in the construction of today's tallest buildings. Our Dry Cutting 26" Dry Abrasive Oscillating Cutoff Machines are perfect for cutting structural steel, as these saws cut up to 6" solids and 7" shapes hardened steel. Structural steel is formed into steel I-beams used in the construction of houses, commercial buildings, office buildings & skyscrapers, as well as rails used in railroads.

Wire Rope Cutting

Cutting wire rope requires holding the wire rope properly while making the cut. Dry Cutting 14"-16" & 20"-22" Special Wire Rope Abrasive Cutoff Saws are made so the heavy wire rope does not have to be lifted to table level. A foot pedal operated chain hold-down vise securely holds the wire rope when it is being cut. Wire ropes are used for hoists, elevators and cranes, supporting suspension bridges and towers, and transmitting force in airplanes by connecting levers and pedals in the cockpit to flight control surfaces.

Wire rope consists of both stainless steel and carbon steel. The strands of steel are twisted to form a helix and are very strong, enabling the wires to support large tensile forces. If needed, a 26" Wire Rope Cutoff Machine is available upon request. All Everett wire rope saws are dry cutting and use dry abrasive wheels.

Steel Bar Cutting

Cutting steel bar is a snap with Dry Cutting: 14"-16" Dry Abrasive Double Mitering Machines from Everett. These saws have the capacity to cut 2" solids, 5" pipes and most 3" shapes. Steel bars are used in reinforced cement concrete and in the components of automobiles and household goods.

Hydraulic Hose Cutting

Wire braid, spiral reinforced and thermoplastic hoses require a fast dry cutting machine. Dry Cutting 14"-16" Spiral Hydraulic Hose Abrasive Cutoff Machines cut these types of hoses up to 3". The hydraulic feed control valve ensures smooth, accurate cutting in PH model saws only. Hydraulic hose is used in high pressure cleaning equipment, hydraulic tools and machinery.

Exotic Alloy Cutting

Exotic materials refer to metals that do not fit into categories commonly used in manufacturing and therefore can be difficult when cutting. Everett 10" & 12"-14" Wet Abrasive Cutoff Saws are ideal for exotic alloys as an adjustable flood coolant manifold supplies coolant to each side of the wheel and cutting area - deflecting sparks. Exotic alloys include aluminum, nickel, chromium, cobalt, copper, Hastelloy®, Haynes®, Iconel®, mercury, molybdenum, Monel®, platinum, stainless steel, tantalum, titanium, tungsten and Waspaloy®. Exotic metals are used in construction. Walls, roofs, nuts, bolts, screws, sockets and studs can all be made of exotic alloys. In the transportation industry, engine and transmission parts are manufactured with alloys. Planer blade knives and knives in general are made from exotic alloys. Valves used in plumbing and household appliances are made of exotic materials as well.

Non-Ferrous Cutting

Metals that do not contain iron are said to be non-ferrous. Common non-ferrous metals include aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin, titanium, zinc; precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum; alloys such as brass; and exotic metals including cobalt, tungsten, beryllium, bismuth, cerium and several more. Different types of materials have their own cutting requirements, and require a special blade design. Non-ferrous cutting is best performed with wet cutting saws using Everett Reinforced Rubber Bonded Cutting Wheels; e.g. our 12" - 14" multi-angle abrasive saw does an excellent job with some non-ferrous cutting.

Non-ferrous cutting is involved in some of the most technologically advanced projects in the world. For instance, Everett saws cut gold used in medical equipment and computers; silver used in soldering, power generation and electronics; platinum used as a catalytic converter; and titanium used in aircraft engine parts, landing gear and frames, as well as pipe work, prostheses, dental implants and mobile phones.

Metal Pipe Cutting

Dry Cutting 14"-16" Dry Abrasive Mitering Saws have the ability to cut metal pipe at angles of 0°, 15°, 30° and 45° due to the mitering cutting head that can swivel 45° left of center. The quick action cam lock vise holds the metal pipe while the cutting head is locked at the desired cutting angle, ensuring a proper cut. Applications for metal pipe include water pipes, sewage pipes, structural steel pipes, industrial steel pipes, scaffolding pipes and oil & gas pipes. Click this link to get additional information on pipe cutting.

Metallurgical Cutting

Metallurgical analysis is done to test materials for quality control, product performance, failure analysis, material selection and material characterization. Metal analysis is done in a metallurgical lab and requires cutoff wheels and saws developed for cutting metal samples that undergo microscopic examination. Everett 10" & 12"-14" Wet Abrasive Cutoff Machines are ideal for met labs as an adjustable flood coolant manifold supplies coolant to each side of the wheel and cutting area. Everett Non-Reinforced Rubber Bonded Cutting Wheels, Grade #1410, are used for wet metallurgical cutting and available in most sizes.

Tube Cutting

Most metal and plastic tube is cut with dry cutting machines. From our 10" Dry Abrasive Cutoff Machines ideal for a tool room, to our 26" Dry Abrasive Oscillating Cutoff Machines best served in a factory setting, tube cutting of up to 6" solids and most 7" shapes are achieved with Everett dry saws. Plastic tubing is used in several industries. The medical, aerospace and food & beverage industries all utilize plastic tubing - and so do the sanitary, agriculture and transportation industries. Metal tube is often used in mechanical and transportation applications, and can survive low temperatures. Food & beverage companies benefit from the use of metal tube, and so do gas & oil companies. Click this link to get additional information on tube cutting.

Copper Cutting

A very malleable and ductile material, copper is very flexible when it comes to metalworking. Copper conducts heat and electricity, and therefore is used for wiring, tube and pipe. Everett's 16" Fully Automatic Cutoff Saws cut copper and other malleable materials, as well as hard tool steel. These cutting saws have a full automatic bar feed and air operated vise, stock roller guides, hardened wear pads and port speed control mufflers.

Brass Cutting

Brass, a combination of copper and zinc, is commonly used in electrical fittings. Wet cutting saws cut well because coolant is distributed to the wheels and cutting area - keeping the material cool and the wheel cutting fast. Everett's 20"-22" Wet Abrasive Cutoff Saws have a typical wet cutting speed of 30 seconds per square inch using wet reinforced and non-reinforced wheels.

Metal Cutting Saws

  • cut bar
  • cut structural
  • cut form channels
If your product is within a 7" diameter circle, Everett metal cutting saws can cut it. We can cut most all metals and steels.

Everett Metal Cutting & Steel Cutting Saws

8" Abrasive Metal Cutting Saw
10" Abrasive Mitering Metal Cutting Saw
10" Abrasive Metal Cutting Saw
12" Abrasive Metal Cutting Saw
12" Abrasive-Mitering Metal Cutting Saw
14"-16" Abrasive Metal Cutting Saw
14"-16" Abrasive-Mitering Metal Cutting Saw
20"-22" Abrasive Metal Cutting Saw
20"-22" Abrasive Mitering Metal Cutting Saw
16" Abrasive Double Mitering Metal Cutting Saw
20"-22" Abrasive Double-Mitering Metal Cutting Saw
26" Oscillating Abrasive Metal Cutting Saw
10" Wet Abrasive Metal Cutting Saw
14"-16" Wet Abrasive Metal Cutting Saw
20"-22" Wet Abrasive Metal Cutting Saw
20"-22" Oscillating Wet Abrasive Metal Cutting Saw
26" Wet Oscillating Abrasive Metal Cutting Saw
16" Spiral Hydraulic Hose Cutoff Machine
12"-14" Multi-Angle Saw
16" Fully Automatic Metal Cutting Saw
20"-22" Contractor's Model Saw
10" Wet Miter Metal Cutting Saw
14"-16" Wire Rope Metal Cutting Saw

Everett Metal Cutting Saws Will Perform

  • Reamer cutting
  • Cast cutting
  • Food Service equipment material cutting
  • Aircraft part cutting
  • Automotive material cutting
  • Hardened steel cutting
  • Case hardened cutting
  • Cold rolled cutting
  • Hard rolled cutting
  • Stainless cutting
  • Drill rod cutting
  • Brooches cutting
  • Spring steel cutting
  • Furniture cutting
  • Golf club shaft cutting
  • Knife cutting
  • Planer blade knife cutting
  • Gun barrel cutting
  • Steel cable cutting
  • Wire rope cutting
  • Pipe cutting
  • Files cutting
  • Investment casting cutting
  • Etc.

Everett Metal Cutting Saws Advantages

  • Fast
  • Economical
  • Higher horse power than most other metal saws
  • High quality
  • Cuts a wide variety of materials without changing saw blades

Metal Cutting Saws Are Used For

  • Metal cutting
  • Steel cutting
  • Metallurgical cutting
  • Wire rope cutting
  • Exotic alloy cutting
  • Hydraulic hose cutting
  • Stainless steel cutting
  • Tube cutting
  • Pipe cutting
  • Golf club shaft cutting
  • Linear bearing cutting

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