Everett Industries seeks an experienced, self-motivated, industrial machinery builder ready to join a nimble, growing, focused team producing advanced, automated abrasive cutting systems in a new business line just starting to reach its stride.  Are you confident enough to assemble something you, and quite possibly no one else, has ever seen before?  Are you excited to learn-by-doing, be independent and take on intensive projects?  Are you willing to take advantage of periods of plentiful overtime when the surges come?  Do you have the confidence to work with owners/managers/engineers as peers in the trenches on projects and advancing the “right” solution for our customer while respecting others’ views?  Do you also have some electrical skills that you are confident enough to use, grow, and develop?  If you are saying yes, yes, yes, and yes…this may be for you.


The Job

  • Construct fully operable, automated, saw systems, on schedule, based on drawings and bill of materials provided by engineering and customer.
  • Read blueprints to interpret and implement build diagrams.
  • Layout and install material handling equipment and fixtures
  • Layout and install electrical equipment and fixtures
  • Be comfortable with 3 phase power and helping out the electrician
  • Assist electrician to wire machinery from drawings and bill of material
  • Ability to drill, tap and ream holes
  • Operate standard tools of the trade shop tooling (welder, mill, lathe etc.), and standard electrical components.
  • Travelling to customers around the country and internationally to install and start-up systems.


  • 2+ years’ mechanical experience with automation, robotic integration, machinery building, and/or machine tool manufacturing
  • Experience and comfort working with 3 phase electrical power
  • Ability to read mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical schematics, blueprints, and manuals
  • Working knowledge of electrical equipment and hand tools
  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Must be able to use hand tools
  • Ability to work as a team member and individually

What Success Looks Like:

  • Extreme ownership of your work
  • Giving and receiving input and feedback…being invested in the “right” answer…not just yours
  • Working closely with designers, other builders, and owners to make sure the project is kept on track, and in budget, without sacrificing quality.
  • Enthusiastically interested in learning new skills, and teaching others what you know.

Who we are:

Everett Industries, LLC, is a leading producer of abrasive saws for cutting hard steel, aerospace, and medical alloys.  We traditionally produced simple, catalog tool room cut off saws.  Over the past three years, we have developed a line of fully-automated abrasive cutting systems. These systems are built to machine tool standards and feature full automation and an array of automated material handling and safety controls. You will primarily work in this part of our business.

Our customer-driven team takes responsibility for machine performance and process capability.  We deliver good machines we are all proud of.  We are a small company, and as such are nimble and performance based—there is no hiding here.  We are Mid-Western, can-do manufacturing people who believe that science and skill win out over superstition and fear.  We, and this job, are located in Warren, Ohio—it is not NYC, Palo Alto, or Chicago—but a small mid-western town with low crime, good schools, small town values, and a low cost of living.

Pay and Benefits:

  • The hourly full-time position will pay on a bi-weekly basis through direct deposit, with 80 hours of paid time off (PTO) per year. 401k benefits will be available the first day of the quarter following 90 days of employment, with a sliding scale match of up to 3.5% at 6% contribution. We pay the full premiums for an HSA group health plan as well as long and short-term disability benefits will be available after 30 days of employment.

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