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Abrasive Chop Saws

There are many process considerations to make when deciding to buy an abrasive saw: size of material, cuts per day, typical material type, surface finish, through-put. We carry both wet industrial chop saws and dry industrial chop saws in a range of sizes for a variety of materials and applications. All of our abrasive chop saws cut ferrous metals and some types of non-ferrous metals.

Wet saws excel at cutting linear rail, high-temperature alloys, Inconel, nickel and cobalt alloys, stainless-steel, and any other types of metal in scenarios where surface finish and temperature are important. Dry saws excel at quick, production cutting of both metal materials, such as wire rope, cold rolled, tool steel, high temp alloys, Inconel, nickel and cobalt alloys, and non-metal materials, such as hydraulic hoses. In addition, we carry non-ferrous cutting machines, which are used to cut aluminum, copper, brass, and plastic.

A chop saw is essentially a circular saw mounted on a pivoting arm, supported by a metal base. When you look to buy a chop saw, you will want one that is high-powered and heavy-duty, to handle a variety of jobs with ease. The miter saw adds the capacity to make angled cuts.

When working with metal, a chop saw will serve as one of the most efficient and frequently used power tools on site. Whether you’re cutting stainless-steel, using it as pipe cutting equipment to size pipe for plumbing, or cutting through several metal studs with a single chop, an Everett chop saw offers raw power and capability through robust construction, properly sized motors, and formidable cutting wheels.

Our Abrasive Saws Are Used For:

Everett industrial chop saws are used for cutting stainless-steel, steel cutting, metallurgical cutting, wire rope cutting, exotic alloy cutting, hydraulic hose cutting, tube and pipe cutting, and linear rail cutting.

Our chop saws will cut metal or steel:

  • Rounds
  • Solids
  • Structural materials
  • Form channels
  • Rail
  • Castings

An abrasive saw from Everett Industries is a reliable power tool that cuts hard materials such as metals, wire rope and hydraulic hose. The cutting action is performed by an abrasive cut off wheel that is extensively tested to produce quality cuts. An abrasive saw is designed with a built-in vise, or other clamping piece, and has the cutting wheel and motor mounted on a pivoting arm attached to a fixed base plate.

At Everett, we’ll also help you with all of your cut off wheel needs with a wide range of abrasive wheels in stock.


Dry abrasive cutoff saws are available in a range of sizes. Our dry abrasive cutoff saw product line includes abrasive wheels for all types of metal cutting, tube cutting or pipe cutting. A typical Everett dry cut off wheel is fiberglass reinforced for break resistance.


Wet saws are available in a range of sizes for all types of metal cutting. Our wet abrasive cutoff saw products have the capacity for exotic alloy cutting, metallurgical cutting, copper cutting, brass cutting and stainless-steel cutting. Our wet abrasive wheels are generally non-reinforced rubber bonded, however, we do produce a fiberglass reinforced wet abrasive cut off wheel (Grade 93FG).

Reasons to buy an abrasive chop saw from Everett:

Everett chop saws are fast, economical, have higher horsepower than most other metal saws, high quality and cut a wide variety of materials. Not only is it efficient, it’s economical.


  • Enough Power: Our saws have the power and torque to cut fast with today’s advanced wheels…and not bog down in the cut…as fast as your wheel/material allows or with as fine a finish as you desire.
  • Sturdy, Serviceable Construction: Optimized component designs to provide the stiffness and durability required to make as aggressive cuts as your material and requirements allow. And, we are still supporting our first saws delivered before Nixon was a president with replacement parts, service, and modern wheels.
  • More Productivity: No more fighting through cuts…especially if you’ve been using a big-box-store chop saw or a “value-priced” wannabe “industrial” saw…your Everett saw is not a toy, it’s a professional tool.
  • Peace of Mind: Each Everett saw is carefully and methodically designed and tested with ANSI health and safety compliance at front of mind. Our new “Industrial Solutions” line of semi or fully automated saws add sophisticated software and PLC control to further expand the capability of your cut-off saw.