Get a Safer Performance With SaferCut

Highly productive abrasive saws designed with more attention to operator safety to reduce the frequency of injury.
Fully enclosed wet or dry abrasive saws, manual or powerhead (from 16” to 26” wheels with 10HP-50HP motors)

Designs guided by “best-practice” machinery safety standards (ANSI-B11, EN Machinery Directive, ISO13849)

Designed to protect your #OKBoomer replacement workers and your company
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Available Models


It’s Not Just a Saw, It’s a Solution

SaferCut isn’t just another piece of equipment—it’s a game-changer for your production line.

The Risk Assessment Process

At Everett Industries, we tailor SaferCut to your unique requirements through our comprehensive risk assessment process. Our experts thoroughly analyze your current operations, identifying key improvement areas. We then custom configure SaferCut to seamlessly integrate with your workflow, followed by in-depth training to ensure your team masters the system from day one. Our commitment doesn’t end at installation – our dedicated support team stands ready to assist, ensuring peak performance year after year.

The Total Solution Process

SaferCut revolutionizes metal cutting by merging precision engineering with unparalleled safety. Our advanced CNC controls ensure flawless cuts, dramatically reducing waste and boosting efficiency, while our proprietary guard system sets new standards in workplace safety. Versatile enough for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wet or dry cutting, SaferCut adapts to your diverse needs. By slashing processing time and optimizing energy use, you’re not just cutting metal – you’re cutting costs.

Standard Features

PLC Control System

Integrated Safety System

Fully enclosed or Pass-Through

2-Hand Cycle Start

Interlocks tied to Wheel 0-Speed Detection

Wet or Dry

Safe Minimum Reach-In Distances

Manual or Proportional-Directional Hydraulic Controls

Heavy Duty Construction

Debris Collection Bin

Compliance under ISO13849, ANSI B7.1, EN Machinery Directive

Optional Features

VFD with Dynamic Braking

Cutsense Operator Feedback

Full Process Automation

Industry 4.0 Data Package

Dust/Mist Collection

Coolant Filtration(Wet Saw only)

Gravity Roller Infeed/Outfeed

Automated Material Handling and Cutting

HMI with Process Control Software

Custom Workholding

SaferCut Products

10’’ SaferCut

Control Voltage

24 VDC

Main Fuse Size

15 A

Coolant Tank Capacity

16 gal

16’’ SaferCut

Wheel Spindle Power

20 hp (7.5-15kW)

Wheel Peripheral Speed

13,000 sfm

Wheel Flange Diameter


20’’ SaferCut

Wheel Spindle Power

20 hp (15kW)

Wheel Peripheral Speed

14,200 sfm

Wheel Flange Diameter

6″ (150mm)

26’’ SaferCut

Wheel Spindle Power

40/50 hp (30-37.5kW)

Wheel Peripheral Speed

≤14,200 sfm

Wheel Flange Diameter

0.625”, 3”

30’’ SaferCut

Wheel Spindle Power

50 hp (37.5kW)

Wheel Peripheral Speed

14,200 sfm

Wheel Flange Diameter

0.625”, 3”