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26″ SaferCut

The Everett 26”/660 mm diameter wheel, 40HP/30kW semi-automatic, abrasive cutoff saw is designed for production cutting of round solids to 6”/150mm and pipe to 6.5”/175mm per the specifications set forth below. Its failsafe PLC controls the cutting action through an operator controlled proportional-directional, pressure compensated hydraulic system.

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Highly Productive Solution

The Everett Industrial Solutions Cutoff System is not your typical tool-room type saw. It is designed, tooled, and programmed for production-cutting and when combined with part handling and positioning accessories, can be the center of a highly productive cell. Highly trained and skilled operators are not required and that fact was carefully considered when we designed the health and safety aspects of this highly automated cutting system.

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The saw is built on a structural weldment with integral fork pockets and wireways. A strategically placed baffle impinges sparks from the cut and decelerates larger particles so they drop into the easily removable debris drawer for clean out. The saw head and work holding devices are aligned on a ground top plate mounted to the base. The compact design minimizes required floor space.

The saw head is designed for cutting with a nominal 26”/660mm diameter abrasive wheel at up to 12,000sfm or 60m/sec wheel speed (Vc). The saw’s rocker arm is a heavy aluminum casting, heat treated, and is precision machined for the crucial bearing-to-trunnion shaft alignment that provides for straight, vertical cuts. The rocker arm rotates on a trunnion stand that also acts as the oscillation pivot arm. The structural aluminum castings are T6 heat treated for stiffness and long life. It is a time-proven design that has survived field testing and has contributed to the Severit-with-Everett reputation for reliability for over 58 years.

The 2,090-rpm main wheel spindle drives the 8.5”/216mm cast iron wheel flange. The abrasive cutoff wheel is mounted on a 1”/25.4mm arbor shaft and clamped by the outer wheel flange. The wheel flanges are assembled on the shaft and faced and trued as an assembly for balance and straightness. The inner wheel flange is equipped with a 5/8”/16mm diameter drive pin on a 3”/75mm bolt circle diameter. Refer to ANSI B7.1, EN 12413 and FEPA for complete guidelines. The wheel spindle is improved from our catalog saws for easy interchangeability.

A 40HP/30kW induction motor is standard or a 50HP/37.5 kW induction motor is optionally available. Standard spindle motor speed is 1725RPM (11,800sfm/56m/s) operating with across the line starters. Motor control system also includes a stand-alone “zero-speed” safety monitoring relay. If the optional Sinamics VFD is purchased, wheel speed would typically be 14,200sfm/71m/s. Drive includes standard VFD features as well as ProfiSafe communications, Safe Torque Off (“STO”), Safe Stop One (“SS1”) and other safety- related functionality. Saw head is equipped with precision inclinometer to enable wheel diameter tracking based on cut start position. With known wheel diameter, control will adjust the wheel RPM to maintain a constant peripheral wheel speed. The drive and PLC monitor cutting power and actual wheel speed and abort overly aggressive cuts to protect the operator and machine. The VFD also allows for dynamic wheel braking to stop the wheel in 3 seconds for fast part-to-part changes as the doors will not unlock until the safety system detects zero-wheel speed…which can take 30-50 seconds without motor braking.

The saw control system provides your operator process feedback in real time to protect the operator, wheel, work, and saw from overly aggressive cutting. A LED indicator flashes colored and audible codes during the cutting cycle. Green for a moderate process (<80% of drive current use), yellow/magenta during moderately aggressive cutting (>80% but less than 100%) and red for very aggressive cutting (>100%). This feedback helps train the operator to use the power available for fast cutting cycles, but not so fast as to shorten the life of the saw and motor…or to shatter the wheel, damage the work, or damage the machine.

The saw head is equipped with an oscillating trunnion stand that, setup dependent, can oscillate the wheel front to back during the cut. The oscillator is driven by a motor and gearbox that, when active in the cutting setup, moves the wheel forward and backward, relative to the work piece centerline, approximately 3/8”/10mm which reduces the effective length of contact, provides for chip evacuation, and cools the cut.

The saw head is fed through the cut by the same industrial-duty hydraulic cylinder (equipped with abrasive environment seals) that has made Everett powerhead saws known for reliability. The hydraulic system is controlled by an appropriately sized power unit complete with pump, reservoir, pressure relief, proportional- directional valve, and associated control switches and safety valving. The power unit also controls hydraulic work clamping, if so equipped.

All the material handling surfaces will be lined with protective wear materials that will not affect the precisely ground OD of the material to be cut. Conveyor rollers will be coated in polyurethane, and walls of the conveyors will have Delrin wear plates that run the full length of the cutting system. The entire vise will also be lined with replaceable Delrin plates.
The saw system’s motors, hydraulics, operations, and programming are controlled by a failsafe PLC and associated failsafe I/O cards. If the CutSense option is purchased, the main spindle ABB/Baldor motor is controlled by a VFD with dynamic braking. Hydraulic motion is coordinated by the PLC through a proportional-directional valve as commanded by the PLC and speed-control potentiometer.
This is a production saw designed for injury-free operations in a modern manufacturing environment. The system is designed to adhere to the best functional safety practices (ISO13849) and to be EN Machinery Directive compliant. The safety systems were designed based on a detailed and comprehensive formal risk assessment to ISO12100. The vice clamps and cutting area are fully protected in the interlocked machine enclosure for safety and to contain smoke and debris. Easy access, interlocked doors allow for easy wheel change and clean up yet protect your operator from the common dangers of an open, tool room chop saw originally designed for highly skilled operators. Safety interlocks prevent automatic operation of the saw if the guarding is not secured or if the wheel is turning. Cycle start requires two-handed control, including actuation of the clamps, for operator safety.


Maximum Workpiece Diameter

5” (125 mm)

Minimum Workpiece Diameter

1/4” (6 mm) Standard Configuration

Minimum Workpiece Cut Length (with dual sided clamping)

1/2” (12.7mm)

Typical Inconel Cutting Speed

2 sec/square in

Wheel Spindle Power

20 hp (7.5-15kW)

Wheel Peripheral Speed (if wheels rated accordingly)

13,000 sfm (65 m/s)

Wheel Flange Diameter (US/EU)

4”/5.4” (102, 135mm)

Rapid Return Speed

> 10”/sec (254mm/sec)

Total Elect. Requirements (standard saw)

35 kVA

Voltage (transformers available for other voltages)

480 V

Typical Shipping Weight

4,000 lbs

Machine Dimensions

97”W x 120”D (2.5m x 3m)

Workholding Height

39” (1 m) above floor


Painted Steel

Standard Cutoff Wheel Range

Outside Diameter

16” (400 mm)


0.130” (3.25 mm)


1” (25.4 mm)

SaferCut Products

10’’ SaferCut

Control Voltage

24 VDC

Main Fuse Size

15 A

Coolant Tank Capacity

16 gal

16’’ SaferCut

Wheel Spindle Power

20 hp (7.5-15kW)

Wheel Peripheral Speed

13,000 sfm

Wheel Flange Diameter


20’’ SaferCut

Wheel Spindle Power

20 hp (15kW)

Wheel Peripheral Speed

14,200 sfm

Wheel Flange Diameter

6″ (150mm)

26’’ SaferCut

Wheel Spindle Power

40/50 hp (30-37.5kW)

Wheel Peripheral Speed

≤14,200 sfm

Wheel Flange Diameter

0.625”, 3”

30’’ SaferCut

Wheel Spindle Power

50 hp (37.5kW)

Wheel Peripheral Speed

14,200 sfm

Wheel Flange Diameter

0.625”, 3”