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Industrial Solutions


  • Everett Industrial Solutions are custom or semi-custom, application-specific cutoff systems typically including a saw and material handling;
  • Industrial Solution saw systems range from 10” to 26” with main spindle power from 3HP to 50HP and designed for production cutting duty cycles.
  • Material handling systems include length stops, part magazines, exit bins, automated cut part packaging, and other related productivity enhancers.
  • Related operations like incoming/outgoing weigh stations, XRF alloy confirmation tests, labeling, chamfering, cut list optimization, and other secondary operations can be integrated.
  • Systems are designed around your production requirements ranging from manual met-lab saws with custom fixturing to semi-automatic production saws to fully automatic and programmable systems to integration-ready saws for incorporation to and controllable by your line by you or your integrator.
  • All systems are based on the latest functional safety standards in ANSI B11, the EN Machinery Directive, with control systems compliant with ISO 13849 as driven by a comprehensive and detailed risk assessment to ISO 12100:2010.

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