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Yes, in one fell swoop, the new Everett Industries has joined both the mobile age and the online shopping age with our new website. Check it out here .

On the new Everettindustries.com, you can:

  • Actually read our website on your mobile
  • See the parts drawings on your phone while standing in the shop looking at the machine
  • Order wheels and saws directly (A dealer login is coming soon)
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  • Find feeds and speed info and other “How To” tips in the FAQ

Loved the old site? It is still out there…for a limited time…just add /everett to the URL when you are on the home page of the new site.

Tool joint croppedNew Industrial Solutions…Tool Joint Cutoff at the Drilling Site?

An oil patch customer approached us to cut off spent tool joints. We responded. Meet the Portable 26–a 26″ power head dry cut abrasive saw specially equipped for cutting tool joints from drill pipe in the field. Note the exit chute, fork pockets in the base, and the “cow catcher” frame on the back to protect the hydraulics and oscillation motor.

This portable abrasive saw will be mounted on a semi-trailer with a generator for use in the field at the well drilling site. The chute allows a straight cut very close to the transition from the drill pipe to the larger diameter of the tool joint. The larger tool joint just hangs in air as the drill pipe is clamped by the vise for cutting.

Just a one of the things… suggested by you … that we are doing to earn the opportunity to be your industrial saw and wheel solution provider.

CTCT-20180826_110632Skynet? A Quality Machine for Quality Trailers

Quality Trailers Enterprises, Inc., of Salem, Ohio recently picked up two new Everett 16″ Shop Line saws on one of their trailers. The trailer was made from structural steel cut on an Everett saw. Get it? A machine transporting a machine that was used to make the machine.

We are proud to support the manufacturing base in the Americas with our made in the USA abrasive cutoff Shop Line saws, wheels, and fully automated Industrial Solution Cutoff Systems.


From the Test Cut Lab: Wet Cutting of A8 Planer Knives
Lab ChartWe recently completed a successful test cut of a stack of 5 double sided, hardened, A8 steel (HRc 57-58) planer-like knives for a customer. Our #1329 wheel sliced through the 1″ x 1.5″ stack in 6 seconds with no burn and virtually no burr.

The new digital data acquisition setup we have assembled allowed us to monitor wheel power and down feed pressure in real time. Using 14.2HP, we were able to demonstrate a wet, 6 second/square inch cut rate and maintain a G-ratio of 2.1:1…that is 2.1 units of material removed for each unit of wheel consumed using a calendared rubber bond wheel. This met the customer’s requirements for no thermal damage to the work and long wheel life. Cycle time was not a major concern.

Science and skill winning over superstition and fear. Everett Industries, 55 years of cut off expertise…the “Sever it with Everett” tradition continues.

The new Everett Industries… it’s not just a saw, it’s a solution .

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