In the past 11 months, the “new” Everett Industries has:

  • Designed an “Industrial Solution” line of fully automatic abrasive cutting machines–Come see the prototype at IMTS Booth 237179
  • Demonstrated dust free wet cutting of aerospace alloys at 2 in2/sec, 5.125″ round, solid, Rene 142 in 42 seconds…using only 28HP…how? Contact us.
  • Refined our wet 93FG fiberglass reinforced wheel and are now offering it in additional sizes
  • Set up a test lab for saw, wheel, and process development…real science, real solutions…repeatable and explainable…we go inside the black box.
  • Increased wheel inventory to greatly reduce…if not eliminate…stock outs
  • Introduced blanket orders and subscriptions…order once for your annual wheel needs…and at a better quantity discount based on your annual use
  • Reduced lead time on our catalog saws by automating our business systems…inventory, parts, bills of materials, drawings.

The new Everett Industries…working hard to become your modern, reliable, industrial saw and wheel solution provider…science and skill winning out over superstition and fear. We are willing to be the one throat to choke, the one back to pat.


Sometimes it’s just the small things but you asked for them so we are now offering:

  • LED IP-67 lights in hoods;
  • New packaging to increase density, protect the product, and lower shipping costs;
  • Heavy-duty, hardened roller conveyors for bar and pipe loading… even powered rollers;
  • New vises with hardened, replaceable inserts and rollers on the table;
  • Dust/mist filtration (Donaldson-Torit) and coolant filtration (Prab); and
  • Part pushers/stops by TigerStop and Everett.

Just a few of the things… suggested by you … that we are doing to earn the opportunity to be your industrial saw and wheel solution provider.

The new Everett Industries… it’s not just a saw, it’s a solution .




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It’s not just a saw, it’s a solution