When We Say “It’s Not Just a Saw, it’s a Solution” We Mean:

We don’t necessarily just offer you a ShopLine catalog saw and wheel—although you can get that HERE —we offer you the option for us to design an appropriate solution for your cut off needs—saw, material handling, automation, controls all from one source—one throat to choke, one back to pat. Interested in a complete solution, start HERE

Here’s what you can expect with an Everett Saw:

  • Enough Power: Our saws have the power and torque to cut fast with today’s advanced wheels…and not bog down in the cut…as fast as your wheel/material allows or with as fine a finish as you desire.
  • Sturdy, Serviceable Construction: Optimized component designs to provide the stiffness and durability required to make as aggressive cuts as your material and requirements allow. And, we are still supporting our first saws delivered before Nixon was a president with replacement parts, service, and modern wheels.
  • More Productivity: No more fighting through cuts…especially if you’ve been using a big-box-store chop saw or a “value-priced” want-to-be “industrial” saw…your Everett saw is not a toy, it’s a professional tool.
  • Peace of Mind: Each Everett saw is carefully and methodically designed and tested with ANSI health and safety compliance at front of mind. Our new “Industrial Solutions” line of semi-automated saws

Know which saw you need?

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Not sure which saw you need?

  1. Download our ShopLine catalog.
  2. Try our automated saw selector to guide you through the selection process for straight, miter and double miter saws.
  3. Want personal help?

When you choose an Everett saw you’re making a smart investment that will pay for itself over and over again. We stake our reputation on it!

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