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Tube Cutting

There are several tube cutting abrasive machines available today, and selecting the right cutting saw for your business depends on a range of factors, including budget as well as length and type of material to be cut. Capable of cutting all types of metal tubing, our tube cutting machines are designed to increase your productivity, quality and overall operations while saving you money.

We carry a complete line of tube cutting machines that effectively and efficiently cut stainless steel tube, carbon steel tube, non-ferrous metal tube, plastic tube, cast iron tube and copper tube.

Our tube saws deliver precise cuts, creating any profile to meet your industrial tube cutting needs. We offer a wide range of industrial tube cutting machines able to accommodate tubes of various diameters, including square tubing.

Capable of executing complex profiles, our tube cutting saws are ideal for use in several industries, including high purity fabrication, food processing, chemical, petroleum, power generation, shipbuilding, offshore, pressure vessel manufacturing, process tubing, structural and space frame fabrication.

We carry a line of heavy-duty tube cutting machines that are easy to set up and are designed for use in both industrial and manufacturing workshops and on-site. They effortlessly cut thick, heavy wall tubes and perform well in heavy-duty applications.

Our abrasive cutoff saws have a wheel diameter range of 8 inches to 26 inches; up to a 7-inch tube capacity; a special high-torque, totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor; and feature an optional dust collector and a fume exhauster.

Our dry cutting saws can cut 2-inch steel tube in as little as 4 seconds. Our wet cutting saws cut at speeds of 30 seconds per square inch of material. We can cut most all steels and metals.

Everett tube cutting saw advantages

  • Affordable alternative to expensive laser and water jet tube cutting equipment
  • Easy to operate
  • Fast tube cutoff and cycle time
  • Superior end quality and accuracy
  • Short set-up time