Wheel Closeout

Current Wheel Grades…Discontinued Sizes, Thicknesses, and Arbor Combinations Discontinued wheels offered at discounted prices, first come, first serve, while they last. These are our popular grades, but in size combinations no longer offered. Some were...
Say Goodbye to Two Classics
While the 8" and the 12" saws were "good" saws, these classic Everett saws have reached retirement. Once we ship the 8" and 12" saws currently in production, they will be gone forever.
Based on our methodical testing (power draw, cutting time, wheel life) and customer feedback, we found that the 10” saws and 16” saws are "better" i.e. much more capable of cutting virtually the same size range of material...with the performance you expect of our products. We currently have a limited stock of replacement parts for the 8” and 12” saws, but will not be restocking once they run out.